We’ve Moved

I’m a creature of habit and would still be sleeping with my teddy bear, affectionately named Tiny Tim, from when I was five if it wasn’t for momentary lapses.

This blog move is one of them.

I’m branching out, although not yet sure why. How’s that for a promotional pitch?

Please scoot on over and check out the new digs that my hubby put together. I’m pretty excited about the space he’s created for my writing (and the designated spot he’s made for my adoration)!


If you are kind enough to link to me on your blog, please update the link (I actually even have a button – gasp!).

For those of you who want to view this in your google-reader, please update our web address to read www.EveryBitterThingIsSweet.com and check back in a few days here to make sure it’s coming through. As of yet, it’s unclear whether the google-reader feed is working properly. It seems to be still picking up this site. So if you use reader, join me in lapsing and …check the site direct for a while :).

If you’d like to subscribe by email, you can do so on the new site.


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